Monday, April 14, 2014

Who, by Laina Lyman

Sharing some of my daughter's writings....


The urge to pick up a notebook and write;
To look at a blank sheet of paper and fill it with simple words.
What is it that feeds this desire?
Is it the way the black pen and the white paper except each other so easily?
Or is it the challenge of being able to fill the whole page?

Maybe it’s just the feeling of holding a pen and a notebook out of school;
Knowing that a piece of paper and a pen can be of much more use.
Much more use for what?

Maybe it’s a way to get your feelings out,
Maybe it’s a way to pass time when your bored.
There is one thing that is guaranteed,
Paper doesn’t judge.

Paper does not reflect your image;
It reflects your emotions.
Your imagination and your knowledge,
Your feelings and your deepest fears,
Your thoughts.
Paper reflects you.

Begin with a simple, “Hello, my name is..”
You may find yourself unable to stop,
Or you may find yourself stuck,
Asking yourself, “Who am I?”

Well, who are you?